RDCA Committees

Executive Committee
Chair Thomas Sypkes
Senior VP Blair McArthur
Vice President Parker Bettenson
ACA Provincial Representatives
Government Action Kelly Vopni 
Contracts Kelly Vopni
Safety/WCB Ryan Hawley
Industry Relations – Local
Chair Parker Bettenson
Director Kelly Vopni
Director Jon Gulayets
Director Kerry Boothe
Chair Open
Chair Adam Bontje
Director Adam Slomp
Director Joel Gingrich
Director Taylor Hogg
Director Dustin Edey
Director Matt Balson
Chair Jon Gulayets
Director Blair McArthur
Director Thomas Sypkes
Director Taylor Hogg
Director Dustin Edey
Communications & Media
Chair Taylor Hogg
Buildworks Canada
Representative Gary Gies

Member At Large (MAL)

What are Members At Large?

The Red Deer Construction Association (RDCA) operates as a non-profit organization and was formed as an organization of local construction members and partners representing contractors, trades, sub-trades, suppliers and associates for the purpose of mutual protection and mutual benefit.  The construction industry takes action through association to achieve collectively goals that would be impossible for an individual.  The Association supports the industry through value-added services including business opportunities, safety, education, networking, partnerships, and government advocacy.

Through these actions and support, the board of directors work on committees that represent the association’s strategic direction.  On many occasions throughout each year, these committees require additional industry support and opportunity for our member companies to get involved.

Any person who represents a Red Deer Construction Association member company can be a member at large.

To participate as a Member At Large check out the  Member At Large Document and fill out the following Member At Large Application.

For further information on the activities of each committee:  RDCA Education Committee Overview , RDCA Industry Relations Committee Overview & RDCA Marketing Committee Overview